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Dec 14, 2018

OG 4 welcome back Chris and Hayman to talk about the 6th annual Boston Spurs Holiday Charity raffle. We break down our loss in the NLD, wins against Southampton and Leicester, and what certainly felt like a win in the Camp Nou against Barcelona. Ryan asks everyone some questions, Chris pops bottles, Marlon is carded,...

Nov 30, 2018

Its a 3 man pod this week. Andy's here telling us his Irish holiday adventures and giving us a taste of the whiskeys he brought back state side. Sean is telling us what he is going to do on his birthday, and telling us about Patrice Evera's thanksgiving. Ryan mostly just interrupts everyone else while trying not to get...

Oct 27, 2018

Lloris is discussed in detail, things get heated. matches are reviewed and previewed. All this and much much more.


Oct 13, 2018

International break, Gritty, Barcelona, Gritty, Cardiff, Gritty, Gritty, Stadium, Gritty, Blowing lines, Gritty, Pronouncing Names, Gritty, West Ham, Gritty.

CoYs - Gritty

Sep 21, 2018

We welcome back Kevin from his long hiatus. We try and not talk about Inter and Liverpool. Ryan tries to pronounce player names. We preview Brighton, Watford, Huddersfield and Barcelona. We give Dave advice on his wedding day. We fix the Europa League by sending City to Suton, and we forget a baby's name.