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Apr 5, 2019

OG4 reconvene after almost a month apart. We remember each others names at least! We drink some Lamebec from Madison, review Liverpool, talk a lot about the new stadium, legends match and the Palace match. We predict the end of season results, and decide on what our walk out music would be.


Mar 9, 2019

OG 4 back in the Danger Room Y'all, we review Burnley, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Dortmund. We rock out some sausage, give our starting 11 superhero alter egos,  and find out what Sissoko eats for breakfast.




Feb 22, 2019

Scotch, Dortmund, Leicester, Summer Sales, lots of Previews and Where in the the World is Marlon San Diego?

Feb 9, 2019

Andy, Conor and Ryan break down Spurs double cup crash, Sonny's heroics, preview Dortmund and Leicester, talk super bowl of course and announce the creation of our patreon page. check it out at


Jan 24, 2019

Woof, fellas... Kane injured, Dele injured, Son off on international duty, that's like 75% of the DESK gone right there! Are Eriksen, Lamela, Lucas, and (gulp) Llorente and GK up to the task? WE'LL FIND OUT, I GUESS! We review the last two matches, touch on some transfer non-news, preview Chelsea and Palace... ALL THIS...